Unique Wedding Gifts for the Bride Who Has Everything

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Gift giving to the bride is a tradition at weddings. The gift you choose represents your good will towards her. Whether the bride is your friend, sister, daughter, cousin, or niece, your wedding gift to her should have meaning. But what if you don’t know what to get her? What if she already has everything that a woman could want? Obviously, you’re going to have to give her something unique. But what?

For starters, you need to think about the type of gift that will give her a lasting impression about you. You’ll want to give her something to remember you by. Even if she seemingly has everything, she still doesn’t have a gift from you. Not yet anyway. Here are a few ideas:

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  • Original artwork. Why not present her with a beautiful painting or sculpture? You can either create original art for her yourself, or buy some for her. If you have the talent, then by all means, create her a memorable piece of art! If not, then go find an original piece for her. Give her a piece of art that goes well with her personality. If she likes antique art, and you have the money, then why not buy her a classic piece?
  • Jewelry. Even if she has plenty of jewelry, you can still find a unique necklace or bracelet for her somewhere. Women all love jewelry, so you can’t go wrong with giving her a lovely, elegant piece. You can choose everything from hairpins, brooches, earrings, necklaces, watches, pendants, etc. And while you’re at it, why not customize it? If the bride is your sister, buy her a piece of jewelry that says sister? if she’s your best friend, buy her a customized best friend necklace or bracelet.
  • Hobbies. What is her favorite hobby? What does she enjoy doing more than anything in the world? Does she enjoy gardening? Give her some unique plants. Does she enjoy shopping? Present her with a gift certificate to her favorite store. What about scrap booking? Give her a lot of neat, pretty scrap booking supplies. If she enjoys travel, give her a unique globe. If she enjoys history, why not give her an antique map of her homeland? There is obviously so much to choose from.
  • Personalized gifts. You can’t go wrong with a personalized gift. Why not give her personalized household items? Personalized towel sets, for instance, are a great idea. Make sure you choose her favorite color. You can also get a personalized photo album with a picture of her and her groom on the front. Another unique idea is to get her personalized pillow cases or blanket sets. If she’s hi-tech, you can even buy her a personalized iPod! Yes, there is such a thing.

So you see, there are a lot of gifts you can give the bride who has everything. Any of these gift ideas will prove to her that you put a lot of thought into her gift, and she will be thankful. She will remember.

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3 Responses to Unique Wedding Gifts for the Bride Who Has Everything

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  2. reb says:

    Personalized gifts are the best in case like this. I have 3 favorite monogrammed gifts I like to give. The first is monogrammed towels that look like they are straight from the luxury spa. Second, robes that you have their initial or how about “Mr.

  3. Tolla Duke says:

    Art as a wedding gift is a wonderful idea.

    We have just launched a gallery which allows you to create an online gift list of original, contemporary art work. We work with Southeast Asian and UK artists with excellent pedigree.

    We received an art work as our wedding gift and I loved it so much I was inspired to set up Give Art.

    Do visit our website for ideas or contact us and arrange a visit to our gallery space in Chinatown.


    Thanks for thinking of art as the perfect wedding gift!

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