Looking for Last Minute Christmas Gifts? See Our Top 10 Christmas Gifts!

Dear Friends of SG Wedding Favors,
Are you searching for last minute Christmas gifts for your colleagues and friends?

Here at SG Wedding Favors, we not only have unique wedding gifts for couples, we also have very Practical Gifts for All Occasions, including Christmas!

Introducing Our Top Ten List of Christmas Gifts at SG Wedding Favors

  1. Paw Out Your Love Shot Glass
  2. A Slice of Love Pizza Cutter
  3. A Suite Life, Playing Cards
  4. Cheers to a Great Combination Wine Set
  5. It’s About Time Champagne Bucket Timer
  6. Snowflake Bookmark
  7. Fondue/Fruit Picks
  8. Charmed by Love Wine Charms (Set of Four)
  9. Key To My Heart Bottle Opener
  10. To Have and To Hold Bottle Carrier
  11. For as little as $2.50, you could be sharing your Xmas joy with your friends! Do check the details at http://sgweddingfavors.com/unique-wedding-favors-5/paw-out-your-love-shot-glass-376.html. For every sale of this shot glass, we will donate a percentage of proceeds to SPCA. We also offer free delivery for all purchase above $150 (Singapore only).

    Have a drink this Xmas and do your part for the animals!

    If shot glasses are not your cup of tea, do check out other intricately designed Practical Gifts on the list such Slice of Love Pizza Cutters at #2 http://sgweddingfavors.com/practical-wedding-favors-10/.

    We really do have quite a few other products you might find suitable at http://sgweddingfavors.com/featured-products/. You could just find the gifts you need! Limited stocks available only!

    Merry Christmas to you and your Family in advance!


    SG Wedding Favors Team

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4 Responses to Looking for Last Minute Christmas Gifts? See Our Top 10 Christmas Gifts!

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  2. Happyidol says:

    Thank you for your sharing! If you do care about budget and don’t know how to choose gifts, shopping online and DIY gifts are also great ways to save money and find the best last-minute Christmas gifts. This year, I prepare to give my BF an Olympus digital camera. It’s 10MP, but only for $20. When I found this from http://followsales.com, I was shocked for its unbelievable price! I also plan to write him a love letter. Both of the two gifts aren’t expensive at all, but I do think they’re unique and perfect gifts.

  3. Mana Cliett says:

    I stumbled upon your blog while searching for mantras on gifts. Often it becomes difficult to decide what to gift your family member. I am happy that I discovered your blog. By the way where did you get this information from ? Did you researched google or some shopping site. Please post here.

  4. My brother suggested this web site to me. He said that it was really excellent, and I feel he is correct! This article definately made me think.

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