Wedding Favors that Stand Out

Everyone wants to have a unique, special wedding. All couples want their big day to be celebrated and enjoyed by everyone. If you’re getting married soon, then you probably want your wedding day to stand out so that your friends, family, and peers can remember for years to come. But how can you make your wedding stand out? By giving your guests wedding favors that are special, unique, and memorable.

Wedding favors will add a special touch to your wedding celebration. They are special keepsakes of your special day that you can give out to your guests. They can be anything from practical gifts to special handcrafted ones that you yourself make. There are countless wedding favors for you to choose from, but if you want yours to truly stand out, you’ll need to put some thought into them.

Thankfully, wedding favors don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. If you have a tight budget, you can still find memorable wedding favors that will stand out. If you’re looking for something practical, yet neat, there are plenty of nice little keepsakes you can choose from.

One choice for practical wedding favors includes the Love Beyond Measure Heart Measuring Spoons set. Each set includes four stainless steel measuring spoons that contain the traditional measurements. One side of each spoon features pleasures of love, while the other side features the traditional measurements. The teaspoons and the tablespoon are all very cute, and they’re presented in a special box with velvet lining.

Another nice little keepsake that makes for a great wedding favor is the Happily Ever After Carriage Candle. If you want to share your happiness with everyone at your fairy tale wedding, what better way to do so than to give out fairy tale wedding favors? Each of these special candles has a white pearlescent finish and contains silver accents. They’re all presented in a gift box which is tied with a lovely silver bow. Attached to each gift box is a little card that says, Happily Ever After… If you’re having your dream, fairy tale wedding, then this is truly a wedding favor that will stand out.

Of course there are plenty of DIY or do it yourself ideas for wedding favors as well. You can always create your own wedding favors, especially if you’re good with arts and crafts. Photo albums, magnets, candles, gift baskets, soap, etc., are just a few ideas. If you know how make them, then why not put a lot of creativity into them so that they’ll truly stand out on your wedding day?

Personalized gifts are also rather popular. If you want your wedding favors to stand out for each individual guest, then why not have each guest’s wedding favor personalized? There is a lot to choose from when personalizing wedding favors. You can choose the color(s), style, design, etc. that you think each guest would appreciate the most. Make each guest feel special by having their wedding favor personalized with their favorite color. What could stand out more?


Philippine Wedding Tradition and Culture

In Philippine cultures, the groom’s family traditionally pays for the wedding expenses. These days, however, the bride’s relatives will usually help pay for some of the expenses. The bride and groom will often pay for the expenses out of their own savings.

Before any of this is decided though, the groom and his family will pay a visit to the bride’s home in order to ask her family for her hand. This is called the Pamamanhikan or “the meeting of the two families.” Pamamanhikan is a traditional event where the wedding plans are drawn out. It can be a rather awkward situation for the couple to hear their parents discussing plans for the future. The parents discuss matters concerning the guest list, budget, and so forth.

As far as wedding outfits go, white gowns have become popular in the last century due to Western influence in the Philippines. Traditionally, brides would don dresses with festive designs. The wedding gowns would represent styles of that particular season. The grooms now tend to wear the Barong Tagalog, as it is traditional formal wear in Filipino cultures. They usually wear them untucked, with a regular white shirt underneath. Grooms also usually wear black pants. The male wedding guests will typically wear their finest barongs.

Traditionally, in centuries long past, the wedding ceremony would last for three days. Modern Filipino weddings have changed a great deal, but some of the native customs are the same. Nowadays, there are special sponsors, such as godparents, aunts, uncles, or a parent, who will act as special witnesses to the marriage. There are also secondary sponsors that usually handle specific aspects of the ceremony. Some of them can be candle sponsors, who will light two candles. The bride and the groom will take each of those candles, and use them to light one single candle that will symbolize their union.

A veil sponsor will place a veil over the groom’s shoulders and the bride’s head. The veil is usually white. This is done to clothe the two as one. The cord sponsor will drape a decorative cord, called a ugal over the couple’s shoulders. The silk cord is tied in a figure eight shape, and is believed to symbolize eternal fidelity. Finally, the groom will give his bride thirteen coins, blessed by the priest, called “rrhae” This symbolizes his dedication to his wife as well as their future children. It is a sign of respect, as he lets her know that he will provide for her well-being.

Perhaps the most elaborate event of a Filipino wedding is the feast. Food at Filipino wedding feats consists of soups and a variety of different meats, including chicken, goat, boiled ham, fish, and roast pork. Vegetables and fruits are also provided. For the dessert, meringues, coconut macaroons, baked custard flan, and sweetened nipa plant seeds is served. No one ever goes hungry at a Filipino wedding!

Filipino weddings are considered to be some of the most beautiful ceremonies in the world. The Filipino culture is highly regarded for its belief in the sanctity of marriage. They make sure that the permanent bond between the bride and groom is made at an unforgettable event!


Guide to Wedding Favors – Things You Need to Know

119.365 - ...Then comes marriage...
Image by Jeff the Trojan via Flickr

Guests to a wedding enjoy bringing gifts home. These gifts, called wedding favors, are presented to them by the married couple. Wedding favors can be can be anything that the bride and groom feel that the guests will enjoy. In the old days, wedding favors were only given out by royal couples. Sugar represented wealth during those times, and the royal couple would give their wedding guests sugar packs as gifts. Obviously, things have changed since then, and now it is common for all wedding couples to give out wedding favors. Continue reading


Indian Wedding and Marriage Traditions

Indian Wedding - Bride meets groom, Kolkata, India
Image by Leonard Low via Flickr

Indian weddings are more than just ceremonies and customs; they are filled with various fun-filled rituals. Since India is a country filled with diversity, each region has its own special way of celebrating weddings and marriages. Indian weddings have their share of seriousness, but they’re also considered to be very happy times. When a man and a woman come together in marriage, their families become tied together as well. Therefore, both the bride’s and groom’s families participate in rituals on the day of the wedding. Continue reading

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Proper Etiquette with Wedding Favors

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One of the most important aspects of a wedding are the guests. The couple’s friends, family, and associates play an important factor in making a wedding memorable and fun. Since they all take the time to support the bride and groom on their big day, the couple usually say thank you by presenting their guests with gifts called wedding favors. The couple shouldn’t just give out any ole wedding favors though, they should give the guests something meaningful. Wedding favors don’t have to be expensive, but they should still be something special. Continue reading


Thai Wedding Traditions and Customs

Lance's Wedding in Thailand
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Thai weddings have many customs that are unique. The customs are followed in traditional steps. Prior to the ceremony, the groom pays a visit to the bride’s home. There he will speak with her family about the gifts and money that he will give them. It is a special Thai tradition for the groom to thank the bride’s family for allowing him to marry her. He will give them money and nice gifts as a way to assure them that he will be a good husband to her. Continue reading

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Wedding Favors that Make a Difference

Are you getting married? Do you have any idea as to what kind of wedding favors you’re going to give your guests? Your wedding is going to be very special, so your favors should be as well. It doesn’t matter who you’re going to marry, or where your wedding is going to be, your wedding day is going to be a wonderful day. You need to make sure that all of your guests share your sentiments. You can do this by giving them wedding favors that make a difference. Continue reading

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Filipino Pre-Wedding Traditions Then and Now

In this archipelago of more than 7,100 islands, wedding traditions vary from island to island, province to province, north to south. The wedding traditions and rituals of today are a fusion of influences from the Spanish, the Americans and the Japanese, all of whom have occupied the country at different times in its colorful history. Continue reading


Wedding Favors that Reflect Your Personality

A wedding favor
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Coming up with unique ideas for wedding favors may seem like a struggle this day in age, as the same, ordinary favors are given out wedding after wedding. Instead of giving your wedding guests traditional favors, why don’t you just give them all something special that reflects your personality? Unique gifts that reflect your personality can be very memorable for your guests. But what kind of favor will reflect your personality? What favors will be unique from all the ordinary ones? Here are some ideas. Continue reading

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Do’s and Dont’s for an Indonesian Wedding Guest

A wedding is always a good opportunity to observe a culture’s customs and traditions. Indonesia has a broad assortment of ethnic groups and each one has its own set of ceremonies and customs. Understanding these rites and rituals is always interesting especially if you have made the country your home. Continue reading

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