Last Minute Xmas Gifts for 2010!

Looking for some last minute Xmas gifts for your friends? Check out some of the below items!  If you have female friends, i highly recommend our heart purse valets here, they easily cost twice as much outside!

Recommended Items for Xmas!

1. Heart Purse Valets

2. Pizza Cutters

Eating in for Xmas? Check out these pizza cutters, be careful they are pretty sharp!

3) Letter Opener

Useful stationary for the office! Check it out here

4) Butterfly Bookmarks

Lovely bookmarks for any occasions

5) Snowflake Bookmarks

Probably the item most suitable for Xmas! Check it out here

Visit for your last min Xmas gift shopping now!

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One Response to Last Minute Xmas Gifts for 2010!

  1. Jackie says:

    What cute wedding favour ideas! Thanks!

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