Ideas for Muslim Wedding Gifts

Muslim weddings often reflect the personal beliefs of the couples and their families. Due to cultural differences in various countries throughout the world, no two Muslim weddings are alike. As with all weddings though, it is customary for the guests to give the bride and groom gifts. If you’ve been invited to a Muslim wedding, then you may be wondering what kind of gift the bride and groom would like.

For the most part, Muslim couples prefer gifts that any newlyweds can enjoy. Some are even going with the modern tradition of signing up with gift registries, which makes it easier for guests to know what kind of gifts they would like. Check to see if the bride and groom of the wedding you’re invited to are signed up with a gift registry.

If you take a look at a gift registry list for a Muslim couple, you will more than likely see items that are commonly used everywhere. These items include household products, food, art, and other customary gifts. Gifts given to the bride and groom at an Islamic wedding need to be items that the couple will have use for after their wedding. It is also recommended that guests buy gifts within their financial means. A guest should not make a show of presenting the gift to the bride and groom nor should the bride or groom make a show as they receive it.

A miniature replica of the Kaaba is a good choice for a Muslim bride and groom who enjoy art. The Kaaba, which is located in Mecca, is considered to be a very holy place in Islam. Miniature replicas are very beautifully made, and they are great choices for those who enjoy collecting art that is based on Middle Eastern culture.

In some cultures around the world, Muslim newlyweds prefer cash gifts. If you see a comment on your invitation that says, “No boxed gifts”, then you know that the couple prefers gifts of cash. The amount of cash that you give them should be within your means. In some cultures, it is considered proper to give an odd number amount, such as $50, $70, or $90. Some couples, however, prefer a minimum amount of $100. If you’re unsure, ask friends and relatives of the couple what the proper cash amount should be.

Please keep in mind that you should never give Muslim newlyweds products that contain alcohol or intoxicants. Any food that contains pork is also forbidden. So be careful if you want to give them food or drinks, because it will be offensive if you give them anything containing alcohol or pork.

Now you have a few ideas about what gifts are considered appropriate for Muslim weddings. You can check to see if the bride and groom are signed up with a gift registry, and if they’re not, check the invitation to see if they prefer cash gifts. Ask the relatives and friends of the bride and groom what amount of money would be appropriate. If you want to give them food or drinks, make sure not to give them anything with alcohol or pork. Follow these guidelines, and you will be able to present your Muslim friends gifts that they will enjoy.

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  1. Great ideas. This is very useful. Thank you for sharing this.

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