Homemade Wedding Favor Ideas

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If you truly want a rewarding wedding experience, why not create your very own wedding favors to pass out? Nothing says thank you to your wedding guests than taking the time to make their favors yourself. Not only are homemade wedding favors great and rewarding, but they’re also fun to make. Everyone loves arts and crafts, so why not get together with your future bride or groom and work on the favors together?

By making your own wedding favors, you can save some money. All you’ll need to do is buy the supplies. You can always find great deals at arts and crafts stores. You can put together a scrapbook for all of your guests. Place copies of your favorite family pictures inside of each, and then decorate them. Another fun thing you can do is make magnets and stickers for everyone.

If arts and crafts aren’t your thing, why not make CDs or DVDs for everyone? You can make digital photo albums by scanning your favorite pictures and then putting them on CD. If you can sing or play a music instrument, write songs for everyone and then record them on the CD! You can put family videos on the DVD.

Do you enjoy cooking and baking? Why not cook food for all of your wedding guests? Why not bake cookies or peanut butter candy for everyone? Forget hiring a wedding chef, just cook everything yourself! You could also order champagne for everyone and then decorate the bottles yourself. While you eat it, decorate the glasses for everyone. Of course, you’ll have to give your underage guests something else to drink.

Do you and your future bride or groom enjoy gardening? Why not give all of your guests plants? Give everyone a different plant. Give your female guests flowers and your male guests other fascinating plants, like chia pets or cactus plants. You can use your imagination and be creative.

Another great idea would be to make soap for everyone, as well as candles. Soap and candles aren’t that hard to make, and they’reĀ  two things that are loved by everyone. Everyone loves good smelling soap and candles. Try to make them both unique for each guest. If you make these gifts with each guest’s favorite scent, they will appreciate that you took the time to do that. You’ll be letting them know that you thought of them specifically when you made their soap and candles.

If you’re going to take the time to make soap and candles, why not go all out and make homemade baskets for wedding favors? Decorate each basket beautifully and add contents such as soap, candles, and bath items. These baskets will be both elaborate and simple. All you need is to be creative.

Wedding favors represent gratitude and thankfulness from the bride and groom toward all of their guests. If you’re getting married soon, you can try any of these homemade wedding favor ideas, or come up with your own. Whatever you decide to do, your guests will appreciate the fact that you took the time to make the favors special and memorable.

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  2. Fantastic! Do it yourself or homemade wedding favors are really practical and saves you money especially if you’re on a tight budget!

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