Chinese Wedding Taboos to Avoid

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Chinese weddings are all about tradition and an understanding of protocol, grace and good fortune. It is very important that during the planning and during the wedding that everyone makes sure they understand the taboos and stay away from them.

The taboos are generally a list of things that you should avoid and they are geared to ensure good fortune throughout the day.

Bride and groom taboos to avoid
The bride and groom have very important responsibilities so they most remember that events can steal some of their good fortune if not attended properly. They must make sure that they do what they can to insure good fortune.

In order to do this they must watch the events they attend for three months before or after their wedding day. This will mean that they should not visit pregnant women who are close to birth, go to a funeral or go to another wedding. These are all activities that will be inauspicious and might cause harm to the wedding later.

In the unfortunate event that a parent would pass away before the wedding the bride or groom would be in mourning. Since one person was in grief they may have to change their wedding plans. This would mean that they would have to have their wedding within 100 days of the death or they would have to wait three years.

Once the bridal bed is installed it should be left alone to await the couple. It is bad luck to have someone sit on it or use it beforehand, but there is one exception. The groom may have to sleep in the bed for some reason and if this is the case, a young boy must also sleep in the bed. The boy should be born in the year of the dragon.

This tradition makes sure that the bride’s side of the bed is filled to avoid a curse that might hurt the health of the couple.

Sometimes a bride may meet another bride on their wedding day which would be bad luck. In this case the matchmakers would neutralize the affect of the bad luck by exchanging red packets

Taboos for the guests to avoid
It is unfortunate when a person is born under a star sign that clashes with the wedding date. They are not allowed to attend the wedding ceremony or be a part of the wedding party. The Chinese people pay close attention to the horoscope when they are picking auspicious wedding days so they do not want a sign that would clash.

When the bride comes to the groom’s house it is a tradition for everyone in the groom’s family to hide somewhere in the house so they will not see the bride the first time she comes in. They will return to the living room once the bride is in the bridal room.

They mystery of bridal veils unveiled in the next article..stay tuned.

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