{Wedding Solemnization Fair @ Hotel Miramar Singapore}

{Wedding Solemnization Fair @ Hotel Miramar Singapore}

SGWeddingFavors are honoured to be invited to participate in the event. You are all cordially invited to attend the event & looking forward to see you there!

Date : 14 & 15 Apr 2012 (Sat & Sun)

Venue : Orchid Room, East Wing, Level 2

Time : 12 noon to 6pm

Even highlights : Hi Tea Reception, Door Gift, Lucky dips, Meet vendors, Bridal show suite

Admission : FREE



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Last Minute Xmas Gifts for 2010!

Looking for some last minute Xmas gifts for your friends? Check out some of the below items!  If you have female friends, i highly recommend our heart purse valets here, they easily cost twice as much outside!

Recommended Items for Xmas!

1. Heart Purse Valets

2. Pizza Cutters

Eating in for Xmas? Check out these pizza cutters, be careful they are pretty sharp!

3) Letter Opener

Useful stationary for the office! Check it out here

4) Butterfly Bookmarks

Lovely bookmarks for any occasions

5) Snowflake Bookmarks

Probably the item most suitable for Xmas! Check it out here

Visit SgWeddingFavors.com for your last min Xmas gift shopping now!

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Looking for Last Minute Christmas Gifts? See Our Top 10 Christmas Gifts!

Dear Friends of SG Wedding Favors,
Are you searching for last minute Christmas gifts for your colleagues and friends?

Here at SG Wedding Favors, we not only have unique wedding gifts for couples, we also have very Practical Gifts for All Occasions, including Christmas!

Introducing Our Top Ten List of Christmas Gifts at SG Wedding Favors

  1. Paw Out Your Love Shot Glass
  2. A Slice of Love Pizza Cutter
  3. A Suite Life, Playing Cards
  4. Cheers to a Great Combination Wine Set
  5. It’s About Time Champagne Bucket Timer
  6. Snowflake Bookmark
  7. Fondue/Fruit Picks
  8. Charmed by Love Wine Charms (Set of Four)
  9. Key To My Heart Bottle Opener
  10. To Have and To Hold Bottle Carrier
  11. For as little as $2.50, you could be sharing your Xmas joy with your friends! Do check the details at http://sgweddingfavors.com/unique-wedding-favors-5/paw-out-your-love-shot-glass-376.html. For every sale of this shot glass, we will donate a percentage of proceeds to SPCA. We also offer free delivery for all purchase above $150 (Singapore only).

    Have a drink this Xmas and do your part for the animals!

    If shot glasses are not your cup of tea, do check out other intricately designed Practical Gifts on the list such Slice of Love Pizza Cutters at #2 http://sgweddingfavors.com/practical-wedding-favors-10/.

    We really do have quite a few other products you might find suitable at http://sgweddingfavors.com/featured-products/. You could just find the gifts you need! Limited stocks available only!

    Merry Christmas to you and your Family in advance!


    SG Wedding Favors Team


Indian Wedding Favors Ideas

Indian weddings are filled with rich tradition. While Indian weddings do tend to differ from region to region, they all have one thing in common: they are spectacular. Vibrant, colorful, and fun-filled, these are words to describe any Indian wedding, no matter where it occurs.

If you’re planning a wedding based on Indian themes and tradition, then you probably want to give your guests wonderful favors that they will never forget. Fortunately, you will find that there are plenty of Indian wedding favors to choose from. Your guests are very important, so you should give them souvenirs that they will remember forever. Continue reading


Wedding Gifts Traditions

Something old, something new,
Something borrowed, something blue,
And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

This famous poem represents traditional wedding gifts. A sixpence was a minted British coin from around 1550-1967. It was worth six pennies and was made from silver. It is believed that the poem originated in the Victorian era of England.

Each part of the poem mentions a good-luck token that should be given to the bride. It is said that she should carry all of these tokens on her big day, so that her marriage will be a very happy one. Something old should be a gift given to the bride to symbolize her past. Something new should be given to her as a way to symbolize her future. A friend or a family member that is already happily married should give the bride something of hers to borrow. This is to remind her that she can always rely on her family and friends.

As for the blue, this color has been associated with weddings for many centuries. In ancient Rome, for instance, the brides wore blue on their wedding day. Purity has also been associated with the color blue, and up until the 19th century, blue was a very popular color choice for wedding gowns. Some believe this to be because of a proverb that says, Marry in blue, love be true.

The silver sixpence was said to have symbolized wealth and financial stability. Brides were supposed to wear them in their shoes. It is also an old Scottish, good luck custom for the groom to put a silver coin under his foot. In modern times, a penny or a dime can be used instead of a sixpence, although some wedding stores still sell sixpences as gifts.

Another wedding tradition that still goes on today is giving the couple homemade gifts. Friends and family members would sew clothing items, quilts, hair ribbons, bonnets etc., and even craft items such as rocking chairs and other furniture. Books have also been given as traditional wedding gifts. In the old days the couple would be given copies of religious books, such as the Bible as a gift. Some couples still receive them, especially if their wedding is held at a church.

As time went on, it became a tradition to give both the bride and groom practical wedding gifts. This is still a common practice today. Practical gifts can include home appliances, gift baskets, wine, champaign, food, and more. These are the types of gifts that can be found anywhere. All though practical, everyone enjoys them. These are traditionally known as safe gifts that nobody can go wrong with giving.

If you plan on attending a wedding soon, you can give the bride and groom a practical gift, a unique gift, a personalized gift, a handmade gift, or a traditional gift. If you think the couple will enjoy an old fashioned gift, then why not give them something that has had special, symbolic meaning for many years? Wedding gifts have been a tradition for many centuries, so why not present them with something that has special meaning and symbolism?


Muslim Wedding Etiquette

Muslim weddings enjoin a woman and a man together as a married couple who plan on spending the rest of their lives together. Teachings of the Prophet Mohammad show that weddings need to be kept simple, yet in many Islamic cultures they can sometimes be very lavish and expensive ceremonies.

If you plan on attending a Muslim wedding ceremony or if you’re a Muslim who’s planning on getting married, here are some tips for etiquette.

One thing you need to avoid is spending too much money. While weddings are very important, marriages are even more so. Money should be spent on a home for the bride and groom as well as other necessities. Instead of splurging on the ceremony, the families of the bride and groom should give them money and encourage them to save it for the future.

The wedding feast, which is referred to as “alimaa” in some cultures, needs to be large enough to feed all of the guests. A bit of money can be spent on a generous meal for families and friends. The meal can be kept simple, yet there should be enough for everybody.

Etiquette concerning the Mahr varies in different cultures. The Mahr, which is a special gift given to the bride from the groom, isn’t supposed to have any required cost. The bride and groom agree on the gift, as well as the time in which he will present it to her. The gift will be hers alone, although in some cultures she can give it away or share it if she wishes. While the price of the gift isn’t supposed to matter, in many Muslim countries, it is beginning to. Prophet Mohammad taught that brides should request only the smallest amount, so that the groom won’t feel burdened to pay for something he can’t afford.

If you’re the groom, try to agree with your bride on a gift that you can afford. If you’re the bride, then keep in mind that he may or may not be able to afford certain gifts. Try not to ask for too much if you don’t think he can afford it.

As far as the sermon goes, it is a proper etiquette to pay attention. The imam will give a sermon, and you can show politeness by listening. Usually, the sermon will consist of advice to the new couple, and will serve to remind them of their responsibilities.

Keep in mind that alcohol is prohibited at Muslim weddings, as well as certain types of small edibles. Don’t bring or serve alcohol at the ceremony. Sherbet is associated with Muslim wedding ceremonies. Sherbet, which is a drink made from fruit juice and ice, is usually shared at Muslim weddings.

The poor and less fortunate should always be invited to Muslim weddings. The teachings of Islam explain that the poor are the truly noble ones in life, therefore they should be invited to eat at wedding dinners. It is believed that those who invite the poor, especially the orphans, will be greatly rewarded.

If you’ve never attended a Muslim wedding before, then make sure you know the proper etiquette for attending. Muslim weddings are very special occasions, and you should play your part in making the ceremony nice and wonderful.

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Ideas for Muslim Wedding Gifts

Muslim weddings often reflect the personal beliefs of the couples and their families. Due to cultural differences in various countries throughout the world, no two Muslim weddings are alike. As with all weddings though, it is customary for the guests to give the bride and groom gifts. If you’ve been invited to a Muslim wedding, then you may be wondering what kind of gift the bride and groom would like.

For the most part, Muslim couples prefer gifts that any newlyweds can enjoy. Some are even going with the modern tradition of signing up with gift registries, which makes it easier for guests to know what kind of gifts they would like. Check to see if the bride and groom of the wedding you’re invited to are signed up with a gift registry.

If you take a look at a gift registry list for a Muslim couple, you will more than likely see items that are commonly used everywhere. These items include household products, food, art, and other customary gifts. Gifts given to the bride and groom at an Islamic wedding need to be items that the couple will have use for after their wedding. It is also recommended that guests buy gifts within their financial means. A guest should not make a show of presenting the gift to the bride and groom nor should the bride or groom make a show as they receive it.

A miniature replica of the Kaaba is a good choice for a Muslim bride and groom who enjoy art. The Kaaba, which is located in Mecca, is considered to be a very holy place in Islam. Miniature replicas are very beautifully made, and they are great choices for those who enjoy collecting art that is based on Middle Eastern culture.

In some cultures around the world, Muslim newlyweds prefer cash gifts. If you see a comment on your invitation that says, “No boxed gifts”, then you know that the couple prefers gifts of cash. The amount of cash that you give them should be within your means. In some cultures, it is considered proper to give an odd number amount, such as $50, $70, or $90. Some couples, however, prefer a minimum amount of $100. If you’re unsure, ask friends and relatives of the couple what the proper cash amount should be.

Please keep in mind that you should never give Muslim newlyweds products that contain alcohol or intoxicants. Any food that contains pork is also forbidden. So be careful if you want to give them food or drinks, because it will be offensive if you give them anything containing alcohol or pork.

Now you have a few ideas about what gifts are considered appropriate for Muslim weddings. You can check to see if the bride and groom are signed up with a gift registry, and if they’re not, check the invitation to see if they prefer cash gifts. Ask the relatives and friends of the bride and groom what amount of money would be appropriate. If you want to give them food or drinks, make sure not to give them anything with alcohol or pork. Follow these guidelines, and you will be able to present your Muslim friends gifts that they will enjoy.

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Indonesian Wedding Tradition

An Indonesian wedding is a very important occasion. The bride and groom will send an invitation to anyone that they are acquainted with, which usually means there could be hundreds or even thousands of guests. While the majority of invited acquaintances won’t show up, the wedding will still probably be quite large. If you’ve been invited to an Indonesian wedding, you should at least make an appearance, even if it is only for a few minutes. Pay your respects to the newlyweds, and let them know how happy you are for them. Continue reading

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What Wedding Favors Would be a Good Choice for You?

Wedding plans take a lot of hard work, and if you’re not organized, you may feel lost. There are many things, such as wedding favors, that make up a wedding day. If you have no idea what kind of wedding favors to give your guests, then hopefully this guide will help you with narrowing down your choices.

For starters, it might not be a good idea to give out useless wedding favors. Your wedding day will be the biggest day of your life, so you should want to share those moments with your loved ones forever. Your wedding favors should reflect your happiness and gratefulness. Give your guests special moments, and they will remember your wedding day forever. Continue reading


Traditional Japanese Weddings

Traditional Japanese weddings take place in a Shinto shrine. The main religion of the Japanese people is Shinto, which means the way of Kami (God).  Traditional Shinto wedding ceremonies are attended by only the couple’s closest friends and relatives. They are very intimate events. The bride’s wedding dress is a traditional white kimono called a shiro-maku. These two words mean “white” and “nature”. Her hair is adorned with accessories and ornaments. The groom also wears a traditional kimono as well as pleated hakama pants. These are worn underneath a short overcoat adorned with his family crest. Continue reading